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Petlife "Flectabed Q" Thermal Dog Bed

Petlife "Flectabed Q" Thermal Dog Bed

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The inner quilt of Flectabed bedding combines two key elements of thermal insulation to keep your pet exceptionally warm all year round.

The Flectabed Q has all of the same properties as the standard Flectabed, but with a luxurious quilted cover. 

  • Quilted cover 
  • Innovative thermal bedding
  • Made in Great Britain
  • Helps with arthritis
  • Provides extra warmth for your pet
  • Great for travelling
  • Available in 2 colours & 4 sizes

Flectabed bedding uses a revolutionary lightweight insulating material specifically designed for its thermal properties, developed from NASA research into aluminised surfaces which can reflect up to 95% of radiated heat.

Multi layered fibres trap pockets of warm air to reduce heat loss, and reflective surfaces reflecting any lost body heat back to the pet. The outer fleece cover is strong and moisture passes through it easily, so wet or damp pets are still effectively insulated from chills.


Small - 46cm x 36cm (18" x 14")

Medium - 66cm x 51cm (26" x 20")

Large - 94cm x 71cm (37" x 28")

XL - 127cm x 76cm (50" x 30")


UK delivery within 4 working days.

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