Danish Design "Retreat" Eco-Wellness Duvet Dog Bed

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Available in a variety of designs, these comfortable and supportive beds are the perfect place for your dog to retreat!

  • Filled with 100% recycled memory foam
  • Removeable cover
  • Water resistant
  • Available in 3 colours/designs & 2 sizes

These sustainable products are filled with 100% recycled blended memory foam crumb filling. The small pieces of foam mould to your dog, providing the optimum support and comfort for any pet. These blended memory foam filled products offer enhanced support for elderly or infirm dogs, but can help any dogs who may need extra support, including larger breeds or pets with joint problems.


Medium - 71cm x 98cm (28" x 38.5")

Large - 87cm x 138cm (34.5" x 54.5")


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